Eyelash Extensions: Your Choices, Your Guide

Beauty products have always been must haves for a woman. From concealers, liners and tint, blush-ons and even mascara. Women spend an average of 2 hours a day for their daily beauty regimen. But what if these hours for cosmetic purposes can be cut into half? What if you can get rid of some tedious and repetitive make-up routine and still get the same or even better glam? One of the answers to these beauty dilemmas is a simple procedure known as eyelash extensions.


What is eyelash extension?

Eyelash extension is a semi-permanent procedure where either natural or synthetic fibers are attached to your original or natural lashes. This is different from the ready-to-wear temporary eyelashes which is good for single use only. This semi-permanent eyelash extension, however, lasts for 4 to 6 weeks depending on your conditions and lifestyle. As mentioned a while back, the customer, in this context is you, have the leeway to choose the type of hair or material to be used in the said procedure. Aside from the material, you get to choose the length, the curl, the thickness and even sometimes, the color of the hair to be attached to your lashes. As you have decided to avail this beauty procedure, there are some things you need to be reminded of.


What to do and not to do when having eyelash extensions?   

The primary thing to do when planning to avail such procedure is to choose this salon. Your salon must have professional, duly trained and certified lash artists. Once you entrusted yourself to their care, you have to consider their advice particularly in decision making with regard to the aforementioned factors. When entering the salon for the procedure, it is best to come bare-faced to see the appropriateness of your chosen set of lashes. After the procedure, refrain your newly-transformed lashes from getting wet by water and oil or too much tension like accidentally or unconsciously rubbing your eyes. In addition, make it a habit to brush your lashes with a lash conditioner for a shinier, thicker and fuller look. Avoid forcibly pulling out your lashes if there are some which you think are not in proper position. When it comes to its removal, it is best to simply wait for them to naturally fall out. If it is inevitable, better ask a professional to do the removal procedure. 

So are you ready for the effortless charm and glam? If yes, what are you waiting for? Get those lashes perk up and show the most beautiful you that you can be